I'm Christina and I am a freshman at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis. This is what student life at Marquette is like through my eyes.

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Thanks for the Memories.

You’ve been counting down the months, weeks and days until it was your turn to be a freshman at Marquette. Well, Class of 2015, you’re mere hours away.

On Wednesday, you’ll be moving into your dorms, saying goodbye to your family and friends and starting a whole new chapter in your life. 

In all honesty, I’m a little jealous of you all. I remember how I was feeling right before move-in: excited, nervous, anxious, happy… I didn’t know what to think. If you had told me one year ago what I was about to experience, I would have never believed you. 

I’ve had a great time interacting with you and recounting all of my freshman year adventures. Running this blog has given me the opportunity to stop and really take it all in. Your 4+ years at Marquette will go by quickly, so take advantage of each and every moment.

Now that you’re about to start your own journey, I think it’s time for me to say goodbye to the blog as I am no longer “The Freshman,” you are! You can begin to write your own stories and adventures from the year (and don’t have to read mine). 

I’ll leave you with this: your life is about to change. That can be good or bad, but it’s up to you to make everything of your college experience that you can. Have fun (but remember you’re still here for academics!). Get ready to make lifelong friends and lasting memories. That is what college is all about – that is what Marquette is all about. 

Have a great upcoming year and good luck! I can’t wait to see you around campus because, beginning Wednesday, WE are Marquette. (:

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"7 ways to ruin your college reputation"

My freshman advisor posted this article to her Twitter earlier and I thought it was worth the read for all of you!

(article by Emily Grier)

Arriving at a college where nobody knows you can be the most exciting feeling in the world — but it can also have its consequences. Sure, people may not know that you decorated your locker with unicorns freshman year of high school, but do you really want to give them the impression that you’re usually the one swinging from the ceiling at the frat house? Here are the top 7 surprising (and not-so-surprising) ways to trash your rep before you can say “academic probation.”

1. Gossip Girl

Easier said than done, I know, but gossiping can ruin your reputation faster than a frat boy can chug a beer. Especially as you’re just meeting people, when you immediately start talking about somebody else behind his or her back, it makes your new acquaintances wonder if you’ll gossip about them, too. Although you might feel better in the moment ranting about your crazy roommate to everyone on your floor, you’ll regret it in the long run.

2. The Flake

You know that friend that always wants to go to dinner or finally see that movie downtown, but then about five minutes before you’re supposed to leave texts you to say he or she has to flake. Don’t be that friend. We’ve all been there, and it’s always annoying when it happens. It’s easy to make plans with someone, only to be bogged down moments later in homework, clubs and life. But when you make plans, try to stick to them. If you think there’s a good chance you’ll have to reschedule, warn your friends ahead of time that you’re having a busy week and might have to pass on this outing. Flake one too many times and you’ll be enjoying dinner-for-one in your dorm room for the rest of the year.

3. The 24/7 Partier

Obviously, this is college and, clearly, there are parties. Lots of parties. After working all week on your French project and killing yourself to memorize every muscle in the human body for kinesiology, who wouldn’t want to have a little fun when Friday night rolls around? But consider yourself warned: Go out every night Sunday through Saturday, and you will make a bad name for yourself. I’m not suggesting that you sit in the corner and study every night. However, there is a fine line between having a good time with your friends on the weekend and hitting up ragers on a Tuesday.

4. The Constant Status Updater

“John Doe is at the library studying for finals until the end of time.” “Susie Q is at the cafeteria watching that gorgeous boy next to her eating his ice cream.” I’m sorry, but very few people —excluding your mother and stalkers — want that much up-to-the-minute information about you. When you’re updating your status more than twice a day, you should probably consider restraining yourself. Especially when people may not know you too well, constant Facebook and Twitter updates signal one thing: I need a life. Sure, you might just want to share your favorite song lyrics of the day with people, but to everyone else, it’s the first sign that Suzie Q needs more hobbies.

5. The Photographer

I’m guilty of being that girl — the one with the camera, ready to capture every potential Kodak moment the second it happens. But I’m very well aware that not everyone’s a fan of that. While it may be tempting to capture all of the fun, awkward moments of college, sometimes it really is better just to live in the moment. Try to take the time to enjoy yourself without having to immortalize every minute of it — even if it means passing up the opportunity to blackmail your friends later.

6. The Social Chameleon

“Oh, yeah, I LOVE foreign films.” “You like to hike on the weekends, too?” “OMG, the Yankees are my favorite team ever!” Obviously, everyone wants to fit in. While this may go without saying for some people, for others it’s just a reflex they cannot control. But really, there is no excuse for the complete social chameleon, who is ready to blend opinions to match whomever he or she is with at the time. If you really do love something, then by all means speak up and express your enthusiasm! But if you don’t know that the Yankees play baseball or your idea of hiking means taking the steps at the mall instead of the elevator, then you will do yourself a huge favor by not pretending to be an expert on all things, all the time.

7. The Debbie Downer

We’ve all seen the “Saturday Night Live” skit. And it’s true: Nobody likes a Debbie Downer. Especially within the first few weeks of classes when you’re meeting new people, who wants to pal around with someone who complains about everything under the sun? “My roommate is beyondannoying.” “I’m sick of all of my clothes.” “I think I’d rather starve myself than eat the food in the dining commons.” Complaint after complaint gets annoying to hear. Sure, we all have bad days, but try to keep full-on rants to yourself, or at the very least, to a minimum. With that being said, keep in mind that Debbie Downer’s cousin, Suzy Sunshine, can be equally as irritating to the rest of the world in large doses.”


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Anonymous said: I was the one who asked you about the weather and I really want to say that it was SOOOO MUCH help to me :D I'm coming from a country with only one season so I have almost no idea what to expect and how to pack everything into the small luggage of mine. Thanks a lot :)

Glad I was able to help! 

Good luck and remember to layer ;)

2011.08.14  11:40pm  

Last night, my brother tweeted “Late night walk back to campus alone. Feeling a little nostalgic.” and posted this picture:

I can’t WAIT to be back. It’s starting to sink in that we’re only a few weeks away from being (back) on campus! It’s to the point where I’m packing up my clothes, making sure I have the essentials, making some new iTunes playlists and discussing plans for the first night/morning back (walking to the lakefront, grabbing some coffee and watching the sunrise)!

I hope you guys are excited because you really should be. This is a great time. I was driving around with a friend last night and we were talking about how a year from that moment we were discussing college and how nervous we were. We didn’t know what was going to happen, where we would end up, who we would meet. You’re very, very close to your own journey, so get ready ;)

2011.08.13  11:50am  

Anonymous said: How's the weather like in Milwaukee from end Aug to Dec? :) Do you think wearing flats (the shoes) is possible? And what type of winter wear do we need to pack into the luggage? :D Thanks for the help ^^

Oh man, from August to December is a world of difference. 

The beauty (if you want to call it that) of Wisconsin is that we can literally get all four seasons’ worth of weather in the matter of a month and a half. 

August and September generally are hot and humid. There is a possibility of nights getting cooler, but, even then, I’ve always been fine with shorts and a zip-up. 

October/November will start to get noticeably colder. However, I can remember nights in October where I would be in shorts and a tshirt and the next week in long pants and a hoodie… you honestly never know. 

December is cold. That stays pretty consistent. 

Flats will work until it snows, which could be any time from October to December. I generally walk around campus in sandals until it gets cold, then I move on to chucks or combat boots (hah, yea, I’m one of those kids) in the fall and finally boots when it actually snows. 

You really learn to dress day-by-day.

Winter gear: hat, scarf, gloves, boots, a nice winter jacket (I dropped a lot of cash on a great winter coat that will last me all four years – trust me, it’s worth it). 

My biggest tip is to bring clothes you can layer. I’ll wear tank tops in the beginning of year, and wear those same tanks with a layered hoodie and jacket a few months later. (Another great thing is to bring a few tshirts and throw a hoodie on as it gets colder… that works too). 

I know this is practically no help, but it depends on how you deal with the cold. I’ve lived here my entire life, so I’m so used to it by now. There was one time last year where I was in flip flops, rolled up jeans, a  tshirt and a cropped jacket and I was completely comfortable. I was with some guys from San Diego and they were freezing because they’re not used to weather in the 50s. 

I’ll leave you with this: be prepared and pack for all types of weather because in the 4+ months you’re here you will experience it all. 

2011.08.13  11:37am  

Anonymous said: Hi Christina! I'm going to be in Abbs this year nad I was in love to get it because it offers the biggest space among all. However, now I get worried of not getting well with them, because we haven't seems to have a good chat time. Have you ever think to do single ? How did you manage the difference and get along ? thanks for answering.


Abbottsford is great – you’ll have a ton of fun!

I never really considered going into a single because I always kind of wanted that “roommate” experience where it’s basically a sleepover every night. (Reality: it’s not like that all of the time… but it is sometimes, which is totally worth it!) I have a friend from another university who lived in a single and, while she liked having a room to herself, she said it got very lonely sometimes and it was difficult to meet people. The beauty about a roommate is – hopefully – you have an automatic friend. 

I was fortunate enough that my roommates and I got along well and didn’t have too many problems.. but I know of some who did. It could go either way. If I were you, I wouldn’t write it off too quickly. Even if you haven’t had much time to talk in the summer, you might still “click” when you all meet in person! 

If you do have problems with your roommates, make sure to talk to them about it first, as well as your RA. Then you can all talk about the issues and either resolve them or, if it comes to it, move out. I’ve seen that happen as well. If you are in a really bad situation, you’re not stuck there but use moving out as a last possible resort. 

As far as managing differences, talk it out. The best thing is communication. Also, go into the year knowing that everything isn’t going to be perfect. You’re not going to be buddy-buddy all of the time. You’re going to get annoyed with each other. You’re being thrown into a small room with people you barely know. It’s exciting, but it takes some getting used to. If you recognize that you aren’t all going to mesh 100%, it’s easier to deal with differences. Keep it realistic and you’ll be fine. Always talk it out with the others, set boundaries early on (what to do when there are guests over, what your cleaning schedule is, etc.) and stick to them. 

I hope that helps – good luck! 

2011.08.13  11:16am  

Anonymous said: How tall and deep are the closets? I'm in cobeen, and i was just curious as to what i can all fit in there!

The Abbottsford wardrobes are different from Cobeen’s, so I’m not entirely sure. I texted a friend who lived there last year and she said it’s basically a normal closet. You get a shelf above the rod and then the actual rod itself to put clothes on, as well as a dresser. 

If I remember correctly, you each get half a closet (so, at home, my closet takes up the entire wall and it split in two sides/two sliding doors. I’m pretty sure you each get one side… if that makes any sense). 

Hope that helps! 

2011.08.13  11:04am  

justuponasmile1309 said: I saw the post about Greek life at MU and thought I'd share some things incoming freshmen might find helpful!

(So you can't post links in questions on Tumblr, but if you go to Marquette's website and search "Greek life," the first item that shows up will take you to a page with a bunch of information and links to all Marquette's Greek councils and chapters.)

And housing DOES vary from chapter to chapter, and you can find that information on their websites.

Finally, if any of your followers are interested, I would recommend at least considering Greek Life. It has been by far one of the best experiences of my time at Marquette.

Everyone read this!

Thanks for the help! (: 

2011.08.13  11:01am  

Anonymous said: Hello there! How do we know how many terms we are going to have to attend a class? Anyway, I think your blog is awesome! It helped me with a lot of my questions :-) Thanks!

Thank you so much!

Individual classes are each a semester long, unless otherwise noted. There are some courses that are a few hours long, but only once a week – those are often only half of a semester. But, yet again, it will be noted very clearly on checkmarq!

Hope that helps! (:

2011.08.10  11:03pm  

Anonymous said: I love your blog! And the question I have is about Greek Life. If you don't know about my questions its totally fine haha. But Does Greek Life have somewhat of an impact on the school, or is it just known?
And also, is there chapter housing for fraternities and sororities? Just wondering because I'm super interested in that. Thanks!

Thank you so much!

Greek life is definitely known around campus, but it’s not necessarily a main focus. It depends on what you pay attention to!

On Fridays, all of the frats and sororities wear spirit wear (OK, that’s definitely not the right term, but you know what I mean) for their chapter, so you can tell who is involved with what.

I honestly don’t know details about chapter housing – I’m sorry! I know some of the frats and sororities do, but I’m not sure about all of them.

OFest (where you can sign up for all of the campus clubs and organizations) is in the first few weeks of class. All of the Greeks are lined up there and you can ask them questions! They’ll know much better than me. Also, each individual frat and sorority will hold information sessions not long after OFest where you can learn more about their chapters. (:

2011.08.10  11:00pm  


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